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Celebrating the Reformation Day around Catharina's table! A suggestion from WICAS

Ms Rebecca Sangeetha a volunteer in WICAS gives informations in English. We invite you to read carefully the attached document, where Rebecca has described the methodology, but please bring in your own contextual “spice”, the local touch that will transform this encounter in a safe and valuable space to discuss f.ex. the theme of women in leadership in the church. Rebecca will be available to answer your questions or providing ideas for your own “Conversation at Catharina’s table “, that we hope you will be able to organize within your Congregation, or Bible study group, or local women’s network… (rebeccasangeetha@gmail.com).

Please also contact the Frauenmahl-website to send the date of your women’s dinner and (afterwards if possible) the speeches (E-Mail: info@sfg.ekd.de) so everybody can see how the idea spreads all over the world!

Dieser Internetauftritt gehört zum Evangelischen Zentrum Frauen und Männer gGmbH, Fachbereich Evangelische Frauen in Deutschland.
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